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A life based on joy and serenity which is far from the chaos of such a big noisy and crowded city with a horizontal architecture.

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Near Future of the City Bahçeşehir

You will feel the privileges of living in one of the most rapidly growing regions of İstanbul with great state projects which are planned to be constructed and due to its location you can reach to every locations of the city by TEM highway and metro line which is being constructed. It takes just half an hour to reach to the new airport of İstanbul from your house in Boutique Panorama.


  • Turn Life into a Holiday

    At Boutique Panorama, your life turns in to a holiday while you are being refresh in sauna and Turkish bath, you can also enjoy the indoor swimming for four seasons and outdoor swimming pool for both yourself and your kids on summer days.

  • A Life full of Health and Sports

    Fitness Center, basketball and football pitches, walking/trekking routes, children playgrounds are all designed for you and your beloved ones in order to live a healthy life.

  • A Safe Parking Lot

    There are indoor and outdoor parking lots designated for every apartments in Boutique Panorama.


Near Future of the City

Boutique Panorama

Bahçeşehir 1. Kısım Mahallesi,
2801. Sokak, No: 23/E
T. +90 212 426 00 61

Asoy Construction Company

CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, with its dynamism, reliability, structure without compromising on quality, and acquiring the philosophy of becoming one of the important market actors, it is moving one step further every day and it grows and grows and makes his place more stable among the important actors of the sector as it grows.

ASOY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, by following the innovations in the sector in which it operates, with rational solutions and for employers from shareholders; for better quality, sustainable, in a peace with the environment - to produce green structures, for employees; to provide safer, more comfortable working conditions, to contribute to their professional development, for our country; to enrich with the more effective use of resources and the company continues to increase its efforts to have a part in its development.

The institutionalization activities are continuing to create mobility flexibility for managers and to achieve the goals within the corporate culture adopted by everyone. Our company has gained the appreciation of the partial and impartial people by the help of values which has been built and completed projects within the years from our company’s establishment until today.

We can examine the journey of our company in the sector in three basic periods. On the way of the foundation of our company, which we see as the most important step for the existence of our company, Founder and General Manager Adem SOYTEKİN’s starting to work with the construction sector in 1992, the determination, determination, success, trust and belief based relations have been guiding us even today, whom we see as the most important step for the existence of our company

The next phase is the period that being in the company titled Günal İnşaat with 3 partners (titled as Kaldis İnşaat later on) by being engaged in first corporate activities in 1996 on the way forward in which is to develop these business partnerships and to become active factor in the construction sector. Within this period, new business relations have been established and the activities within the sector have continued to increase within years by being participated in many projects. The last phase is Asoy İNŞAAT. Our company, which was established in order to keep the growth going and to walk more confidently within the sector, has been involved in many projects since it was founded. With the new materials and machinery equipment investments made in 2010, 550,000m² of construction was completed in 2010 and 650,000m² was completed successfully in 2011. As of the year 2012, the target, which was set as minimum construction area of 1.000.000 m2, has been achieved.

Asoy İnşaat has started to make investment in and out of the sector by making new business partnerships and acquisitions in order to prevent progress in one area of construction in the case of a crisis in the future. After these years, our company has started to create new companies in various fields of construction, investments in the food sector and real estate development, and has produced projects that make a difference. Since 2014, our projects in the area they are located have been implementing the projects whose names are mentioned both in terms of design and structural features and functions. Years of experience, technical knowledge has revealed the difference. Since 2015, it has started to take its place in public projects, as well.


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